What We Do

Dinakord Elektronik has realized and continues to realize the projects you have dreamed of since 1965 with its experience and creative solutions.

Sound Systems

Dinakord Elektronik, being as Turkey's first amplifier and speaker manufacturer, is everyday improving it’s product portfolio by adding global giants in audio systems to its product portfolio.

Lighting Systems

Dinakord Elektronik, who took the first step in Pro. Lighting field in the middle of 1990's, has been continuously increasing its product range in its portfolio correlation with the development of technology and has been offering complete solutions for your projects.

Visual Systems

In the current World where the screens already entered into our pock ets long time ago, Dinakord Elektornik is aware of the impor tance of display systems in the projects. So, continues its path with leading global brands on successful projects.

Conference Systems

One of the most important elements of the meeting and conference halls is of course the microphone and translation systems. In this context, Dinakord Elektronik uses special design wired / wireless communication technologies for reliable, flexible and instant solutions in your projects with world brands.

Automation Systems

The role of automation system is indispensable even in our homes in today's technology is unquestionable. In this context, Dinakord Elektronik offers solutions for the installation, operation and supply of automation systems.

Security Systems

Security systems are definitely one of the most important details of a project. Being aware of this issue, Dinakord Electronik produces and delivers flawless projects with world brands.

Architectural Applications

With more than 50 years of experience in design, implementation and project planning; risk analysis of the project and system to be implemented is firstly taken into consideration meanwhile the necessity of discovery is emphasized. In line with the incoming demand, our customers are informed about the products and systems by presenting the suggestions of the system designed on the architectural project, if any. Thus, the risk factor that may be encountered later and customer dissatisfaction can be prevented.

How do we do it?

We have been doing our job with love since 1965.

R & D

Dinakord Electronics is well aware of the importance of research and development. Dinakord Elektronik keeps pace with developing technology by increasing its R&D investments day by day.

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